Fit everywhere with 1 app. helps 20 to 60 year-olds and their friends + families without a lot of time⌚ to exercise with 100 powerworkouts, so they can become fitter always ✔️ and everywhere 🌴.

No gym needed?

Busy lifestyle?

Get fit using your own bodyweight.

Get access to 100 bodyweight workouts to stay fit. You decide how hard you want to train. Perfect for on the go.


Each workout only has 3 moves. 1 base move (push-ups, lunges or squats) where you do YOUR maximum of repetitions, and 2 additional moves where the amount of reps is given. AND there are 3 types of workouts, suited for ALL fitness levels: Chill, Bit Sweaty, and Crazy.

But how the hell do I do these moves?😫

I looked up a Youtube video for each move AND I even Googled it for you, see?

No monthly fees?

Nope! Fitness should be available for everyone. The app itself is FREE. If you want, you can shop for workout gear or pay for a handy PDF workout tracker.

Now go for it 👇